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YOTH Father

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Fiber Content: 100% Domestic Rambouillet

Father: Worsted weight, Approximately 220 yds


Okay. Here's the deal. This yarn rocks. Why?? Not only is it YOTH (love), but it's 100% Rambouillet (aka crazy soft!!!). It's also really durable.


So what is this "Rambouillet" that you're about to become obsessed with?? Buckle up and get ready for some serious knowledge!

The Rambouillet is a breed of sheep that's closely related to merino sheep (super soft). In the late 1700s, the king of Spain gave the King of France a few of his merino sheep as a special gift. This was a big deal because these sheep were Spain's thing; they had gotten them from North Africa and they wanted market control (bc $$$$).

Once the King of France got his hands on them, he wanted his own trademark wool, too. He decided to take a few merino sheep and crossbreed them with an English long wool sheep, then cross those guys back with merino to keep 'em extra soft (sorta like an f1b goldendoodle). He then took great care to keep them from crossbreeding, making the Rambouillet a really pure and established breed.




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